Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cultural Activism: It's past time the left and right united

The Tea Party and Occupy share this common enemy. Arguably it is the root of our shared anger.  If we put other differences aside, united, and focused on defeating this common enemy what could be achieved via our Cultural Activism and what would we learn about humanity and each other in the process? 

Maybe it is time to lay down swords. 

Maybe it is time the right stopped attacking the left.  Perhaps time the left stopped attacking the right.  Maybe it is time America was united, not divided. 

Do you think it is possible that our common enemy who controls media and media messaging knows we are weaker when divided?  Do you think it is possible that programming is in place to divide us when we really share the same dream of peace and prosperity? 

Cultural Activism, across party lines and political ideology, is how we defeat our common enemy.  

Melyssa Hubbard is a former professional dominatrix who founded the Indiana Tea Party.  Her memoir Spanking City Hall was published by the Indianapolis Business Journal in 2014.

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