Saturday, May 16, 2015

A good sign for Indiana: Monica Boyer's disgust at the GOP

On May 12th, Monica Boyer attended her county's republican's annual Lincoln Day dinner and was outraged that Lt. Governor Sue Ellsperman encouraged Indiana republicans to expand their tent and become more diverse.   

Boyer insulted the the Lt. Governor's keynote speech as 'non-memorable' then promptly penned a 2,033 word blog post about it.  For my readers who aren't writers, that's about one third the size of a major cover story a publication runs spanning several pages of print  -- quite a bit of wordsmithing for something so non-memorable.  

I promise this post won't be so burdensome in length. 

I'm happy Boyer calls for social conservatives (those who oppose protected equality and freedom for our LGBT citizens alongside our citizens of faith) to take their boots off the ground and withhold volunteer efforts to GOP candidates who don't support an agenda to ostracize and marginalize citizens who aren't straight (or Christian).   

Indiana's reputation ended up bloodied and bruised because GOP candidates need boots on the ground during the republican primaries.  They need door knockers, phone callers, and poll workers to support candidates. It's social conservatives like Boyer  who do this work for them.   In order to get their help, otherwise reasonable candidates will hold their noses and swing far right to get this help from the social conservatives. 

In a nutshell, the GOP pandered to a small faction of citizens who volunteer help for the primaries.  This does not represent the majority of people in our state, but rather it represents a minority who put their boots on the ground. 

Boyer compared this softening stance of Indiana's GOP toward social issues as a filthy lake that goes through dredging so that it can once again become a crystal clear beautiful lake.   She claims it is up to the social conservatives to dredge and clean GOP lake of the filth of sinners. 

Seems to me that the dirty lake in Indiana was caused by our social conservatives.  The price of which we'll never know, but we know for sure the first $750,000 payment to a PR firm was recently authorized to start to clean up the mess they made. 

Ironically, it is the non-partisan Cultural Activism of Indiana's citizens across party lines who are causing the GOP lake to be cleaned.   

Perhaps, just maybe, this non-partisan effort in Indiana will thoroughly clean our lake.  A sign that better days are ahead can be seen from the way GOP leadership talks publicly at their rural meetings outside of Indy.  It's refreshing to hear they see a future to be inclusive of all of Indiana's citizens. 

Culture is the ultimate weapon to drive policy.  Cultural Activism is far more effective tool to bring about social change than political activism and it appears in Indiana that it is working. 

Kudos to Indiana Equality and Freedom Indiana for their efforts to lead cultural activism in Indiana and show the world how the majority of our people view Freedom.  

After all, isn't Freedom is big enough for all of us? 

Melyssa Hubbard, a former dominatrix, founded the Indiana Tea Party in 2007. In December 2007, she accepted the country's first Tea Party Prize in Chicago.  Her book Spanking City Hall was published in 2014. 


  1. Unfortunately your version of freedom doesn't include religious freedom.

  2. Paul, what part of freedom for ALL doesn't takes away religious freedom? As a Christian I advocate for free will. God created us with free will and I don't see how it is Christian to take freedom from some.

    My faith and freedom to be a Christian is very important to me as is the freedom of my gay and transgender friends, some of whom are also Christian.

    The only people in this debate who want to limit anyone's freedom would be the Christian right which is arguably a minority of Christians.

    There were many Christian churches who walked in Indy Pride in support of their Freedom. That proves that both can co-exist.