Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Soldiers die for banker profits, not your freedom

Soldiers represent a certain American idealism and there is no doubt every country needs a national defense.  But America doesn't do defense.  We do nothing but offense. 

Not a single soldier soldier since WWII has died for our freedom.  They die for banker profits.   It is the banks and Wall Street who win every war, for no matter what the conflict, they get paid.  They get paid a lot and they ultimately fund all sides of war. 

Today, freedom is defended in the courts and via Cultural Activism, not the blood of soldiers. 

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine did more to defend your freedom than all of the soldiers who died in your lifetime put together. 

I defended freedom when I founded the Indiana Tea Party, led the revolt against property tax, while simultaneously litigating the City of Indianapolis who persecuted me for what amounted to teaching art in my home.   Americans who want to defend freedom need to unite across party lines, employ Cultural Activism, and work together to free humanity.  Sending a soldier to war does nothing but bring heartache. 

Melyssa Hubbard, a former professional dominatrix, founded the Indiana Tea Party.  In 2014, the Indianapolis Business Journal published her memoir Spanking City Hall.

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