Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Judgers are the terrorists in a world of humans meant to self-actualize

It is likely anyone reading my words on this blog has the lower section on the Hierarchy of Human Needs well met. That's an advantage of the age we live in today.  It wasn't always this cush for most of society throughout history.  We're making progress.  

Our Physical Needs of food, clothing, shelter.  Done.

Our Safety Needs.  It's safe to live in middle America for the most part.

Our Love/Belonging Needs.  Most of us get this met by a biological family or sometimes a created family.

Not everyone in America has their lower needs met, but I'll talk about what can do about that in other posts.  For now, I want to focus on the higher needs and why we get stuck in the rung right below self-actualization.

Our Esteem Needs is the step we must surpass to reach the pinnacle of what I believe to be our raison d'etre.

Esteem is simple.  It is respect for others and respect for self. It cannot be accomplished in an atmosphere of lies or intolerance of the individual's right to sovereignty of being.  Intolerance and judgment presents great pressure. Many choose to project an inauthentic self because that seems safer to the psyche. 

Imagine being a gay man in a pretend marriage to a woman for appearances.  Imagine being stuck in that life of lies due to judgment and/or fear of judgment.  Judgment is a form of social terrorism.

Christ strongly suggests more than once that we not judge.  It impedes self-actualization.

Love instead of judge.

Melyssa Hubbard is the author of Spanking City Hall: Dominatrix to Political Activist.