Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Filling the Rush Limbaugh Vacuum at WIBC with Free Talk Live

Emmis, who owns WIBC announced this week they are canning Rush Limbaugh's show which aired afternoons for many years at 93.1, the most powerful newstalk station in Indiana.

The station is known for right leaning shows like Garrison in the morning, but with the addition of the popular Abdul show they are drawing a libertarian audience too.   Abdul's ratings are strong because he cuts it up the middle where most Americans are. 

You'd be hard pressed to find an American who would advocate for drone attacks, the drug war, mass surveillance or the myriad of things we get from the two big parties.  Most people at their core want freedom and realize what we're getting might be packaged as freedom, but really isn't.

I'd like to see more liberty minded programming, rather than another conservative talk radio program and the same old stale talking points for people over 60 with war drum bumper music.

How about replacing Rush with the hip syndicated live call in show, Free Talk Live

Currently WIBC airs Free Talk Live airs only on Saturdays, but the station has an option to air them live all week from 7pm to 9pm.   Air time filled with live content is a huge plus because Indy listeners can engage. 

With only subtle programming shifts, Indy could have Liberty radio every night.     

Throughout the years I've been on FTL a handful of times. They helped get my message out when I fought local government.  I adore Ian Freeman, the show's host. Here is an archive of interviews I've given on Free Talk Live over the years.  

If you want liberty oriented radio in Indy, call the Program Director 317-266-9422  and let WIBC know you'd listen to Free Talk Live. 

And guys?  You will love FTL's "Shrine of Female Listeners"   There's an old picture of me in there somewhere. 

Melyssa Hubbard, is a former dominatrix who won the first national Tea Party Prize.  She is the author of Spanking City Hall, published by IBJ Books, an arm of the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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