Monday, March 30, 2009

Marion Indiana Tea Party (4/4/2009) turns out hundreds for organization meeting

The Tea Parties seem to be shaping up into big events with many, many different individuals and groups involved. There's likely to be a good deal of media coverage.

I'm hoping Hoosiers give them HUGE crowds to talk about! Glenn Beck has been heavily promoting the Tea Parties. The statewide Beck meetup group has announced that Indianapolis is being considered as a broadcasting location for Becks TV show that day.

Also announced, they are working to get a "famous" speaker in Indy. Someone posted it's Bob Basso of the Common Sense You Tubes.

Marion, IN had a meeting about a Marion Tea Party location and hundreds turned out just for the meeting about it! Indiana has five confirmed TP locations. (Ft. Wayne and Marion will be added to the list) Spread the word and ATTEND!

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