Monday, March 30, 2009

Hackers shut out national tea party site

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation gave Laura and Richard Behney, the organizers of the Indianapolis Tea Party on 4/15 access to the controls on this blog because the national tea party sites have been hacked.

Here's a description of what we know about the hackers:

The coalition responsible for the February 27 and April 15 Tea Parties has been under an orchestrated, coordinated distributed denial of service (ddos) attack since Friday, March 27. Efforts to thwart the attack continue.

The attacks prevent the public from reaching the organization’s main site and prevent administrators and volunteers from updating information on the site.

While the attacking IP addresses indicate locations in Russia, China, and other European and Asian locations, the attack is most likely being conducted by a United States citizen or political group opposed to the Tea Party concepts of smaller government, lower taxes, strict adherence to the rule of Constitutional law, and fiscal responsibility.

The major coalition partners–Top Conservatives on Twitter, Don’t Go Movement, and Smart Girl Politics–are working to establish a permanent solution.

This attack is an example of the criminal lenghts our opponents will stoop to. This attack appears to have been timed to blunt the effects of Sean Hannity’s commitment to the movement, which he announced on his Fox News Channel program on Friday, March 27.

The organizers are compiling information required to file a formal criminal complain with the FBI. In recent years, the FBI has improved its ability to invstigate and prosecute denial of service attacks.


  1. The FOX Nation, a new Website launching March 30th. Read more about it below and watch a video.

  2. we're still alive and well at

  3. Please call them by their names. Crackers. These fiends are not hackers. Hackers help create useful programs to solve problems. Crackers steal and break into computers for malicious purposes. MIT is a breeding ground for hackers and crackers alike, though the latter are not welcome. Please respect hackers and the internet they gave you.